How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches: A Comprehensive Guide For Jackson Homeowners

December 19, 2023

Cockroaches are one of those pests that people love to hate. However, unlike some pests that really aren’t as bad as people make them out to be, cockroaches are pests you definitely do not want in your Jackson home. Find out what’s so bad about cockroaches, the best way to prevent them, and where to find the best cockroach control in Jackson in this comprehensive guide.


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Understanding The Cockroach Problem: Identifying The Culprits

If you saw a cockroach in your home, would you know what it was? Being able to identify common cockroach species in Jackson is a good thing to know how to do, and it’s not very difficult. There are two main species of cockroaches that are an issue in our area.

German cockroaches are small pests that grow to about half an inch in length. They have a pair of long, thin antennae, and their oval-shaped bodies are tan to light brown in color with two parallel stripes that are darker brown running down their backs just behind their heads.

Brown-banded cockroaches are about the same size as German cockroaches. They also have oval bodies and a pair of long, thin antennae. However, their coloring is slightly different from that of German cockroaches. Brown-banded cockroaches tend to be darker brown, with two lighter brown stripes that go horizontally across their backs.

Health Risks And Property Damage: The Hazards Of Cockroaches

Regardless of what species of cockroach has gotten into your Jackson home, seeing any cockroaches or signs of a cockroach infestation is a cause for concern. Cockroaches are not harmless insects. In fact, despite their small size, they are quite dangerous. 

The major problems with cockroaches are all health-related. These pests are known to spread dozens of diseases due to the many pathogens they gather on their bodies and spread around to the surfaces they touch. Cockroaches spend a lot of time in areas that are unsanitary. From garbage bins to toilets and sink drains, the places they go often have a lot of germs, bacteria, and other pathogens. 

When they travel around in unsanitary places, cockroaches pick up the pathogens on their bodies and then spread them around to the other places they go. If cockroaches are in your house, they’ll likely walk across your kitchen counters and food prep areas, your bathroom sink, or even your toothbrush. From there, it’s easy to see how you or your family members could become sick from these pathogens.

Cockroaches are also responsible for causing allergy and asthma symptoms in some people. These symptoms can be triggered by the shed skin, saliva, and waste of cockroaches.

Although cockroaches don’t cause major home damage, they will leave waste behind in the areas where they spend time. 

Eradicate A Cockroach Problem In Your Home: Call In The Experts!

Cockroaches are not pests you want to try to eliminate by yourself. They are quite difficult to kill, so many over-the-counter products don’t work on them. Furthermore, because of the way they hide in hard-to-reach spaces, it can be difficult to fully eliminate an infestation if you don’t have the right products, tools, or experience. 

The better choice for cockroach control near you is to contact the professionals at Falls Pest Services. Our professional pest control specialists are skilled in dealing with cockroach infestations. We offer thorough and effective cockroach control with a six-month warranty to ensure the full eradication of the problem.

Proactive Prevention: How To Prevent Cockroaches From Returning

Knowing how to keep cockroaches away from your Jackson home is valuable information. Whether you’ve already had a cockroach infestation and want to make sure they don’t return or have never dealt with cockroaches and want to make sure it stays that way, these cockroach prevention tips will help you keep cockroaches out of your Jackson home.

Proper sanitation is the key to cockroach prevention.

  • Store food in closed containers.
  • Clean up spills, messes, and crumbs.
  • Wash dishes after each meal.
  • Sweep or vacuum floors regularly.
  • Take out the trash frequently.
  • Address moisture issues in and around your house.
  • Fix leaky faucets and pipes.
  • Reduce moisture and humidity.
  • Repair or replace water-damaged wood.
  • Seal cracks and crevices around the outside of your house.

At the first signs of a cockroach problem, contact your local cockroach control experts at Falls Pest Services. We offer the experienced service you need to make sure that your cockroach infestation is completely taken care of so you won’t have to worry about it returning. Contact us today to get started.


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