Four Easy And Effective Earwig Prevention Tips For Idaho Falls, ID Property Owners

May 14, 2021

In Idaho Falls, ID there are some intimidating pests. Earwigs are one such pest, but they're not as scary as they look. Nevertheless, you probably don't want earwigs taking over your home. Learn what it takes to keep these pests away from your property. 

an earwig sitting on wood

About Earwigs In Idaho Falls, ID

Earwigs are small insects that resemble narrow-waisted beetles. Although they only measure between one-half inch and an inch long, earwigs have an imposing appearance. They have pincer-like appendages that look like they're capable of delivering a painful sting. However, they are unlikely to pinch you at all.

The pincers are more for show than anything. Although they are capable of pinching you, they are reluctant to do so and can rarely break the skin. For this reason, earwigs in Idaho Falls aren't considered dangerous. They're more of a nuisance pest.

How To Keep Earwigs Out

After everything is said and done, you probably still don't want earwigs in your home. Their intimidating appearance and fast speed make them eerie and unwelcome in most homes. With these four tips, you may be able to keep these annoying pests away.

1. Check For Openings

To keep earwigs outside, you need to make your home a fortress. This means examining your home for potential openings, like cracks and gaps in your foundation and walls. If you find any openings, seal them up with caulk. Pay attention to space under your doors and around your windows. Because earwigs have flat bodies, they can often enter homes through small gaps. You might need to recaulk around your windows or install door sweeps under your doors. In any case, your efforts will keep earwigs as well as other pests from coming indoors. 

2. Limit Moisture

While most pests seek out moisture, earwigs are particularly drawn to areas of high humidity. You can minimize the moisture on your property by looking for drainage issues with your gutters or ditches. If you notice leaky pipes or faucets, repair them as soon as you can to minimize pools of water. Inside your home, moisture can be a significant issue in bathrooms and basements. Check your indoor plumbing for leaks and repair them, no matter how small the issue may seem. If you don't already have vents in your bathroom or kitchen, consider having a professional install them. Other rooms may require a dehumidifier.

3. Minimize Vegetation

When you have lush vegetation around your buildings, you make your property more appealing to earwigs. It's essential to trim back your greenery as it grows and ensure it doesn't touch your home. After you trim your greenery, clean up the leaves and branches. By leaving the debris on the floor, you create an ideal environment for earwigs.

4. Replace Your Mulch

Although mulch might look great in your yard, it's not ideal for earwig prevention. In fact, mulch attracts earwigs and other moisture-loving pests. If you must use mulch, limit the layer to about two inches thick and remove mulch from the previous years before adding a new layer. Additionally, keep the mulch far from your foundation. Ideally, there should be at least six inches of soil exposure between the mulch and your foundation.

What Else You Can Do To Keep Earwigs Away

None of the tips above are guaranteed to keep earwigs from entering and living in your Idaho Falls home. Without professional assistance, you could find yourself with a serious problem. Here at Falls Pest Services, we can treat your property in a way that deters earwigs. We use a unique approach that makes your property unappealing to earwigs, inside and out. To learn more, call us today at Falls Pest Services. 

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