What You Should Know About Voles On Your Pocatello Property

April 15, 2021

Among the most troublesome pests found in Pocatello properties are rodents (Rodentia) such as mice, rats, squirrels. They are mammals commonly characterized by their pair of front teeth (incisors) that grow continuously and cause them to gnaw on things constantly. Voles, often referred to as meadow mice, are one type that has a dark red, brown, or grey color, small ears, and a rounded body that may extend from roughly three to seven inches long.  They belong to the Arvicolinae subfamily with others, including lemmings and muskrats.

vole outside on the ground

Behavior Of Voles

A report from several researchers at the Pacific Northwest Extension of the University of Pocatello explained that voles and gophers are among the most common rodents that create damage to orchards, flowers, lawns, and gardens. The majority of the damage caused by voles occurs when they burrow through the grass and eat crop roots. They also harm shrubs and trees by removing the bark (girdling) around the lower trunk area. 
Voles do not hibernate and are highly reproductive all year, most commonly during the spring and the fall months. Their population is often well-controlled by their many predators, including owls, hawks, snakes, foxes, and domestic cats. Property owners may recognize vole activity as they burrow to create one or two-inch wide tunnels in the ground. 
Although voles will travel indoors, they tend to prefer remaining outside. In some cases, they will inadvertently find themselves tunneling into a basement or crawlspace area. Voles are most prevalent following mild winters. 

Are Voles Dangerous To Humans?

Like most rodents, voles may carry diseases including Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome and Leptospirosis and may transport parasites. Voles are generally not a human health risk and are a nuisance pest that creates damage in yard areas. 

What Are Some Effective Ways To Prevent Voles?

There are several methods of deterring and limiting vole activity as follows:

  • Mow your lawn each week and regularly trim back weeds and other vegetation that affords them cover
  • Remove any piles of leaves, firewood storage, or other unnecessary debris from the yard
  • Consider repositioning birdfeeders away from the property or routinely cleaning up the ground area below 
  • If voles are girdling shrubs and trees, you can install netting, mesh, or another form of tree-guarding material. Be sure that the material is not overly constricting to the tree. 

Properly Addressing Problems With Pest Intrusion In Pocatello

After noticing a minor pest-related concern, some property owners in this area may respond in counter-productive ways. Rather than picking up the phone and contacting a licensed pest control professional, they often will attempt fabled do-it-yourself home methods or store-bought products. Many of these retail treatment options are advertised as a simple solution; however, they tend to fall short of actually solving your pest problems and might contain harsh chemical agents that endanger you and your family. 

Experienced Local Provider Of Pest Control Services

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