How To Keep Voles Out Of Your Pocatello Garden

June 17, 2023

Gardens are a positive source of nature that provide homes with beauty and nourishment. Unfortunately, gardens can also attract pests that cause damage to your yard and garden. Voles are an example of this. Voles are often confused for moles, but the only similar thing about them is their names. Regardless of the pest causing stress, you, your home, and your property need protection. For quality pest control in Pocatello, contact Falls Pest Services to guard your home against pests.

a vole hiding in a hole

Signs You Have A Vole Problem In Your Yard

Voles can be problematic to your yard due to their small size, burrowing, and dietary habits. They grow four to eight inches long and have short, brown, or black fur. Voles dig holes that tunnel just underneath the surface. By tunneling below the surface, they avoid predators and have easier access to your plant's root systems. Voles use these tunnels for shelter and to build their nests. Be on the lookout for the following signs of voles in your yard:

  • Trail marks: Voles use the same paths when they travel. They form two-inch wide paths in the ground as they seek food sources.
  • Collapsed plants: Voles are vegetarians, meaning they feed on and destroy plants and roots.
  • Holes: If you've noticed trail marks, holes are next, or vice versa. They'll be about the same size as the path, hidden by shrubs or mulch.

If you see a vole for yourself or any of the above signs, it's best to contact a pest control company near you. A certified pest control specialist will have the proper resources to offer guidance for your home. 

The Problems Voles Can Create On Your Property

Voles are active year-round, including in the winter. As small creatures, snowfall provides them with extra coverage from predators that wish to enjoy the last meal before hibernating. Since most animals hibernate during the winter, voles can move about more easily, causing more damage. Snow also helps cover their holes and trails from your sight. It could be months before you discover an infestation. 

While they don't live long, female voles can have five to ten litters a year. Each litter can produce three to five offspring that contribute to ruining your yard and garden. 

Voles also get overlooked for the damage they cause trees. They chew around the diameter of a small tree, blocking the flow of nutrients to the tree and potentially killing it.

Four Practical Vole Prevention Tips For Around The Garden

Voles can generally go unnoticed in small groups. But once the infestation grows, it becomes a problem for your yard and property. Here are some recommended ways to help prevent voles in your yard:

  1. Mow your lawn regularly.
  2. Remove weeds and ground cover to reduce hiding spots for voles.
  3. Spread mulch at least three feet out from the bases of trees. 
  4. Till the soil to destroy existing burrow systems.

Removing voles from your home is not a recommended do-it-yourself task to tackle alone. The safest way to ensure effective removal is to contact a licensed pest control company for vole removal.

The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Voles In Your Yard

Falls Pest Services provides safe pest control solutions that effectively remove voles from your property. We are a local, family-owned and operated company that uses products with the highest EPA safety ratings to protect you and your loved ones. We don't waste time when it comes to providing service to local commercial and residential properties in Pocatello with reliable pest control methods. Contact us today to request a free quote and to discuss vole control for your property.

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