Professional Pest Management For Island Park, ID Properties

Island Park, ID is truly an outdoor lovers’ paradise. We’re located just 20 minutes from the western entrance to Yellowstone National Park, and our town is filled with natural areas to explore and historic properties to visit. Island Park is a great place to call home, and local pest populations couldn’t agree more. These unwanted visitors expose us to the threats of pest infestation, which is why it’s important to seek out the proper pest protection.
Falls Pest Services is here to address all your Fremont County pest control needs. Since 2017, our family-owned and operated company has been providing customized residential and commercial pest solutions to properties throughout Fremont County and the surrounding areas. We offer comprehensive pest solutions at affordable rates, giving property owners the comfort and peace of mind of a pest-free environment. Contact us today for your complimentary quote.

Home Pest Control In Island Park, ID

Pests look for sources of shelter, food, and water throughout your property, and that means your Island Park home is vulnerable to household infestation. Infestation can have serious effects on your house and your loved ones, and that’s why we’re here to protect you. 
We have serviced over 1,000 local homes, bringing a high level of expertise to every job we do. Our home pest control service plans give you complete coverage from a range of common area intruders, such as ants, spiders, stinging insects, mosquitoes, rodents, bed bugs, cockroaches, occasional invaders, fruit flies, and moths. Some of our residential treatments include: 

  • Interior and exterior.

  • De-webbing and treatment of eaves and soffits.

  • Dust and liquid applications.

  • Entry points and conducive conditions.

  • Yard granules.

  • Spray three feet up, and three feet out.

  • Wall injections to seal up access points.

From quality pest elimination to ongoing prevention, you can count on us. Our licensed and insured pest experts put your satisfaction first, and our treatments are always safe for your loved ones, “bug tested, mother approved!” Plus, we offer a pest-free guarantee that gives you the comfort of lasting results. When pests return, we do too, completely free! Call today to request your free estimate.


Island Park's Guide To Rodent Control & Removal

house mouse on a pinecone

Rodent infestation can have several negative consequences for your Island Park home or business. Not only do they cause widespread contamination, but they also cause serious property damage.

To control rodent activity around your property, consider the following preventive measures:

  • Eliminate access to food sources.

  • Keep trash in a tightly sealed metal container.

  • Reduce excess moisture and water sources.

  • Remove woodpiles and yard debris.

  • Store all food in gnaw-proof containers.

For ongoing protection from rodent infestation, it’s a good idea to call in the pros. Here at Falls Pest Services, we offer trusted rodent control and prevention solutions that give you the protection you deserve.

Call us to learn more about our rodent control process, and how you can benefit from our services.

What Brings Cockroaches To Island Park Properties?

cockroach crawling in garbage

Cockroaches are unsanitary intruders Island Park property owners should be aware of. They cause serious contamination and expose you to disease. If you’re wondering what brought them inside in the first place, there are several attractants to consider.

Cockroaches are more likely to enter your space when they can find readily available sources of food, water, and shelter. The presence of the following is conducive to cockroach activity:

  • Accessible food sources and garbage/decaying matter/waste.

  • Cracks and crevices around the foundation, windows, and doors.

  • Excess humidity and moisture problems around the property.

  • Open spaces around wires, cables, pipes, and other utilities.

For guaranteed cockroach control and prevention, call Falls Pest Services today. We provide customized cockroach treatments, and ongoing coverage to keep you protected all year long. Reach out for your detailed service quote, and we’ll get the ball rolling.

Commercial Pest Control In Island Park, ID

When pests get inside of a commercial facility, the entire business is put in harm’s way. Not only are your customers and employees at risk, but so is your overall structure, and your reputation. When people get word of a pest breakout, they’ll certainly be steering clear of your business. Pest infestation is a danger that all business owners should work hard to avoid. 
Needless to say, Island Park businesses can greatly benefit from professional pest control services. Here at Falls Pest Services, we provide commercial pest control solutions to a variety of local faculties, including property management, restaurants, airports, children centers, retail, medical offices, rehabilitation centers, retirement homes, banks, and hotels. We emphasize quality and effectiveness, offering a broad range of commercial services and treatments:

  • Liquid applications, dust application, and granules.

  • Customizable ongoing services based on your business.

  • Quarterly or monthly follow-up, depending on the issue.

We guarantee a pest-free environment, and we provide all-season treatments to keep you protected moving forward. After treatment is completed, we’ll return quarterly or monthly for follow-up services. As members of the NPMA (National Pest Management Association) and the IPMA (Idaho Pest Management Association), we hold ourselves to a high standard, and so do our customers. Get in touch with us to learn more.

Four Crucial Steps For Getting Rid Of Ants In Island Park

There are many ant species. Some ants prefer protein, some prefer sweet foods such as honeydew or nectar, and some ants are strongly attracted to decaying organic matter. If you hope to have success putting bait down for ants, you need to know how to properly identify the ants you are dealing with. This is why many Island Park residents reach out to us here at Falls Pest Services.

When the wrong bait is used, not only can it fail to solve ant problems, but it can make matters worse. Some ant species have multiple queens. If a colony is threatened, budding can occur, turning one colony into several colonies. Do you have to be a pest professional to get rid of ants? Not necessarily.

Here are four steps you can take that may solve your ant control issue:

  • Step 1: Suck up the ants with your vacuum and dispose of the bag outside.

  • Step 2: Clean all the areas where you saw ant activity. This will remove the pheromone scent that workers use to recruit other workers.

  • Step 3: Seal gaps and cracks indoors and outdoors. The pipe that comes in under your kitchen sink is a good place to start. Be sure to also get window and door frames.

  • Step 4: Alter the conditions around your home to reduce ant activity. Rake and blow leaves. Remove sticks. Clean trash receptacles. Remove hummingbird feeders. And address weed problems, particularly weeds that have flowers. Ants love nectar.

If these fail to address your ant problem, you may have a nest inside your home. Reach out to us to request service. Our service professionals know how to identify the ant species you're dealing with and will select appropriate products to correct your issue.

The Most Effective Way To Exterminate Bed Bugs In Island Park

There are many ways to exterminate bed bugs, but not all of them are effective. You could mix up a bottle of vinegar and water and spray it on a bed bug. Vinegar acts as a desiccant. When a bed bug loses its moisture, it dies. Unfortunately, bed bugs are often found in tight spaces and voids where topical treatments like vinegar and water are not effective. If you spray vinegar and water on a surface, it will do nothing to control bed bugs, it will simply dry up.

Here are a few more ways to exterminate bed bugs, from worst to best:

  • Isopropyl alcohol - This is another desiccant. If you spray bed bugs with this, it will dry them out and exterminate them, but this treatment option has the same setbacks as vinegar and water.  

  • Diatomaceous earth - When bed bugs walk through this material, it slices their exoskeletons and lets the moisture out. The problem with this method is that bed bugs are not likely to walk through it. As an example, sprinkling DE on your rug will not stop bed bugs that are living in your mattress, box spring, or bed frame.

  • Traps - There are many traps that promise to exterminate bed bugs. The problem with these traps is that bed bugs don't come out of hiding all at once. If you see bugs in your traps, you're only seeing a portion of your infestation. The other bed bugs are likely to out-reproduce your ability to exterminate them with traps.

  • Steam - If you apply steam to bed bugs, you can exterminate them. The problem with this method is that bed bugs run from heat and hide. You have to use a technique that prevents this.

  • Heat - If you get a space heater to exterminate bed bugs, you're likely to be disappointed. While raising the temperature of a room can be effective, space heaters are not the right equipment for the job. Professionals use professional-grade, temperature-controlled heaters and sensors to monitor the heat.

  • Professional bed bug treatment - There is no better way to address a bed bug infestation. Professionals use field-tested methods and trusted products to locate and exterminate bed bugs. At Falls Pest Services, we apply heat treatments appropriately. We also use liquid applications where needed. Together, these work to get results.

If you need assistance with bed bugs in Island Park, let the service team here at Falls Pest Services provide you with a bed bug control treatment that will get the results you want.

Why Mosquitoes Should Be Eliminated From Your Island Park Yard

Do you know that the mosquitoes that bite you in your yard are mosquitoes that live in your yard? Yup. If you have a licensed mosquito control professional treat your yard with an adulticide, you will immediately notice the difference. You can get treatment before an important outdoor event or get seasonal treatments to make your backyard a nicer place to be all summer long.

Are There Dangerous Spiders In Island Park?

There is only one spider species in Island Park that is considered a medical threat. No, it isn't the hobo spider. You might think so considering the reputation of the hobo spider, but recent research has put a lot of those myths to rest. The spider that has the potential to send you to the hospital is the black widow spider. It has a potent venom. Keep an eye out for these spiders on your property and contact Falls Pest Services when you do.


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