March 7, 2020

All About the Life Cycle of a Mouse | Falls Pest Services

Mice have a way of getting into our lives in the most annoying ways possible. They invade your home, business, and even your car. Once in, they establish themselves quickly and set out to make themselves comfortable. If you see one know there are at least five or more hiding themselves in your home. The life cycle of a mouse makes it easy to prove that you don’t simply have one roaming inside your home. 

Rapid Reproduction

Life Cycle of a Mouse

When a female mouse gets pregnant it takes a short 19-21 days for her to give birth. A litter consists of as little as five to six mouse pups and as large as twelve. In a single year, one female mouse can produce between 25-60 offspring. If you think the one mouse you saw will go away on its own, you better think twice because at that rate you are looking at an infestation.

Growth of a baby mouse

The gestation period of a pregnant female is quick but so is the growth of a pup. They start out without the ability to see, hear and are furless. Without their ability to defend themselves their mother tends to their needs and nurses them for 21 days. Day 21, weaning occurs and you better believe they are ready to chew threw your pantry and belongings. 

How long do mice live?

There are a few factors that determine how long a mouse can live. Mice who live outdoors often breed during spring, summer and fall to avoid the harsh environment winter months create. The average lifespan of a mouse that lives outdoors is an average of 12 months. Their breeding output and lifespan increases if a mouse takes refuge in the comfort of your warm home. If a mouse lives indoors it increases their chances of successful breeding all year long. They can live anywhere between 2 to 3 years because they aren’t exposed to outside predators or the harsh environment during the colder seasons. With nothing else to do but enjoy the comfort of your home they are able to quickly eat through your pantry, valuables, and spread disease to you and your family all the while breeding future generations of mouse invaders in your home. 

How to stop the life cycle

The most commonly asked question is how do I stop this from happening? There isn’t one simple answer or quick fix. We’ve listed our top three tips we could give you of how to best reduce the risk of them entering your home.

1. Eliminate the entry points

Seal up cracks, crevices, and fix screens that would allow them to enter your home from the inside out. They only need a dime size opening to enter your home.

Life Cycle of a Mouse

2. Mouse traps

Set up traps inside your home in places that attract them the most such as the kitchen.

Life Cycle of a Mouse


Even the cleanest homes won’t get rid of mice, but poor home conditions will definitely attract them. Don’t give mice a reason to come in your home by leaving trash and food around. It’s as simple as throwing food away, don’t eat in other rooms outside of the kitchen. Don’t collect clutter, all of these factors will only attract them into your home.

Life Cycle of a Mouse

Getting rid of mice can be a daunting task and can feel a lot like your home is being invaded. With their rapid reproduction and how quickly they’re able to grow and develop an infestation can occur more quickly if not taken care of promptly. We want to ease the stress of figuring out how and where these rodents are getting in from. Our trained professionals understand the habits of mice and can easily spot entry points inside and outside of your home. Give Falls Pest Services a call and let us give you the peace of mind that we can shorten the lifespan of the mice in your home and put a stop to an infestation.


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