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Situated amidst the beautiful mountains of Idaho, Terreton is a small rural community that’s just a stone’s throw from Idaho City. People who live in Terreton get to enjoy a relaxing pace of life while also having premier access to outdoor recreation and city life. The area is fairly mild all year long with a break for a chilly winter, and with very minimal rainfall. This makes enjoying all of the outdoor activities a breeze, however, it also makes an ideal environment for common area pests like termites, bed bugs, and wildlife. 

Luckily, there’s Falls Pest Services. As a local, family-owned business, we pride ourselves on being able to provide residential and commercial clients alike with only the best pest control solutions. All of our technicians are state-licensed professionals, we offer affordable pricing, and we customize every treatment to fit your specific needs. Contact us today for your free quote.  

Home Pest Control In Terreton, ID

As a family-owned business, we believe in treating our residential clients as if they were our own family. That means providing professional service, using only the safest and most effective products, and offering competitive and affordable prices. At Falls Pest Services, we are committed to ensuring that your home remains safe and free from pests, no matter the time of year. We offer both situational and ongoing pest control to meet your needs, whatever they might be. Together, we’ll customize a treatment plan that will help you meet all of your pest control needs, and with routine follow-up maintenance, we can ensure that treated pests don’t return and that new problems don’t pop up. So contact us today for a free, no-hassle estimate and take the first step toward keeping your home pest-free


How To Minimize Mosquitoes In Your Terreton Backyard

mosquito sucking blood

According to the World Health Organization, mosquitoes are the world’s deadliest animal due to the pathogens that they spread. They can also make your time spent outside during the summer months miserable, so here are a few tips to minimize mosquitoes in your Terreton backyard:

  • Remove standing water. Because mosquitoes require areas of still water to lay their eggs, always make sure that places like birdbaths, kiddie pools, and any areas that may collect water are turned over regularly.
  • Limit your time spent outside. Mosquitoes are most present during dawn and dusk and nearly everything about humans is attractive to them, from the type of blood we have to the scent of our laundry detergent. Either limiting your time outside during these hours or trying to mitigate the factors that might attract mosquitoes is key.
  • Try the natural route. Plants like citronella, catnip, and basil all contain properties that are naturally repelling to mosquitoes.
  • Contact the professionals. The most reliable and safest way to keep mosquito populations low on your property is by calling a professional pest control company for monthly treatments during mosquito season.

For the best in mosquito control, contact Falls Pest Services today. 

Rats Or Mice: Which Is Worse To Have In My Terreton Home? 

rodent in a winter shelter

Both rats and mice are equally unwanted when they appear in your Terreton home. While rats are larger animals than mice and could potentially lead to more damage, mice reproduce nearly twice as much in a given year. Both mice and rats are associated with health hazards like tularemia, hantavirus, and salmonellosis; however, rats can sometimes attack people, which may lead to rat-bite fever. Because of their small size, mice can hide more easily inside of your home, which can make locating an infestation much more difficult. While mice are likely to slip through gaps around doors or walk through open garages, depending on the species, rats can crawl along roofs and even use the sewer system to enter your home. 

At Falls Pest Services, we take both rats and mice very seriously in order to fully protect our customers from their dangers. We use a combination of placing bait stations along with installing exclusion, which allows us to safely accomplish the goal of a rodent-free property. The bait stations lure rodents out of your home while exclusionary methods, like wire mesh, keeps them from re-entering. All of these services are backed by our pest-free guarantee as well. For more information on rodent control, contact us today. 

How To Tell If Bed Bugs Have Invaded Your Terreton Home

bed bug on fabric

Bed bugs are parasites that invade your Terreton home very easily. They’ll take advantage of shared walls or affix themselves to your personal belongings as a means of entering your property. But because these pests live inside furniture and mattresses and only come out at night, sometimes it can be very difficult to determine whether or not you have an issue. Here are the key signs that you should be looking for:

  • Eggs or eggshells
  • Nymphs or adult bed bugs
  • Fecal matter that looks like specks of dirt
  • Staining on sheets and blankets that resembles blood or rust
  • A strong odor
  • Being covered in tiny red bumps, often in a line or grouping

Bed bugs are also notorious for how difficult it is to get rid of them. When situations like these arise, Falls Pest Services is the team to call. We are experts in bed bug removal and provide comprehensive services to ensure their complete removal. Our process starts with a detailed inspection and pre-treatment checklist, and on the day of your service, we'll perform a heat treatment that’s guaranteed for six months. For more information on these services, please contact us today.

A Guide To House Spider Control For Homeowners In Terreton 

spider crawling on living room floor

While house spiders don’t pose a significant health risk to humans, they are an unwanted, unsightly nuisance in your Terreton home. They are also indicators of other pest problems, as they primarily eat smaller pests like cockroaches, mosquitoes, and flies. Here are a few tips for keeping house spiders — and the pests they eat — out of your home:

  • Seal everything up. Your home’s foundation may have cracks and crevices that look harmless, but the fact is that tiny pests and spiders can easily make their way through these openings. Ensure that every opening has been properly sealed with either caulk or another appropriate sealant, while also using weather stripping and door sweeps around doors and windows.
  • Keep things clean. Some of the pests that spiders eat are attracted to a messy home, like cockroaches, flies, and ants, for example. Always keep your surfaces clean, store food in airtight containers, and opt for a garbage bin that has a secure lid while also taking out the trash regularly.
  • Rectify areas of excess moisture. House spiders and other pests flock to any spots in your home providing ample moisture for them to survive. Be sure to fix leaky faucets and pipes, while also not allowing water to pool up around your property, as this attracts pests like mosquitoes.
  • Contact the pros. Because dealing with spiders usually implies another active infestation, the best thing you can do is call a professional pest control company for complete protection against pests of all kinds.

For the best protection against house spiders and other pests, contact Falls Pest Services today. 

What Cockroach Season Means For Terreton Homes 

cockroach near a window

Cockroach problems in Terreton homes begin to rise when humidity and heat increase. These conditions are ideal for cockroaches and can also exacerbate pre-existing problems. The presence of cockroaches inside the home can be very dangerous for local residents in a few ways. To start, cockroaches are known vectors of illnesses and bacteria. They spread pathogens that are linked to salmonellosis, streptococcus, giardia, gastroenteritis, and E. coli infections, amongst other things. Their presence puts people at direct risk of contracting these health risks. Cockroaches can nibble away at precious personal items that are made of fabrics like wool, silk, and upholstery. Cockroaches are more likely to breed in the summer, which can cause infestations to multiply very quickly. The average egg capsule contains 16 eggs that will hatch and develop in a matter of weeks.

At Falls Pest Services, we provide homeowners with comprehensive cockroach control solutions. Our methods are designed to treat roaches from the root cause and keep them from being an issue no matter the time of year. Our primary treatment involves a liquid application that we follow up with every two weeks until an infestation is completely eliminated. For more information on these guaranteed services, please call us today. 

Four No-Sweat Ant Prevention Tips For Terreton Homes

ants on a kitchen sink

Ants are the most common nuisance pest for Terreton homeowners and while they are usually not a health risk, their presence is unwanted nonetheless. In order to keep ants from becoming an issue, try these four no-sweat tips right now:

  1. Secure your home. Due to their small size, ants can sneak through almost any opening that they find. In order to keep them on the outside, it’s important to seal up gaps in the foundation, keep window screens in good working condition, and fit weatherstripping around loose doors.
  2. Be careful with food. Ants are lured to meaty and sweet foods so things like crumbs, rotten produce, juice spills, and food residue can attract them. Be conscientious about spills and crumbs by cleaning regularly.
  3. Keep things tidy. In addition to being careful about food, it’s important to keep your home clean in other ways, like taking out the trash and keeping things like laundry detergent from leaking.
  4. Deal with moisture. Be sure that all fixtures are properly shut off after use and fix leaks that arise.

For additional protection from ants, look no further than Falls Pest Services. Our residential pest control programs are designed to eliminate and prevent the most common household pests like ants throughout the year; we guarantee it. For more information on ant prevention services, contact us today. 

Commercial Pest Control In Terreton, ID

When pests problems happen to businesses, the damage they cause can feel insurmountable. But that’s why Falls Pest Services is here. We’re a small, locally-owned business too, so we’re intimately familiar with the needs of our neighbors. Because of our vast experience in the area, we are uniquely poised to work with any industry and develop a customized treatment and service plan to fit your needs. We provide superior customer service, state-licensed professional technicians, and guarantee each of our services. It’s our mission to be minimally invasive and provide treatments that actually yield you results. Contact us today for more information on keeping your business pest-free. 


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