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Mud Lake is part of the Idaho Falls statistical area, currently more than 400 residents strong. One of this city’s most interesting claims to fame is its 1981 jackrabbit infestation, a subject that made national news. Today, Mud Lake is associated with the 4,500-acre lake that grants its name. Home and business owners of the area enjoy spending time near the water, relaxing with some fishing, boating, or occasional swimming.

Mud Lake, ID is a special place that deserves detailed care and attention, especially from the team at Falls Pest Services. Established in 2017, our pest experts are handpicked to provide the best and most comprehensive pest services in Idaho Falls. From residential and commercial pest management to specialty pest services, we use adaptive programs and quick thinking to ensure your property remains pest-free. It’s easy to get in touch with one of our Mud Lake, ID providers. Call, click, or schedule an initial visitation with us today to learn about available pest control options.

Home Pest Control In Mud Lake, ID

If you have residential pests living around your Mud Lake home, you could be at risk for serious side effects. The team behind Falls Pest Services understands the stressors that come from pest presence and strives to deliver quality results and peace of mind with all of our programs.

What’s in the Falls Pest Services name? Everything! Our team is prepared to address pests at any stage of infestation and has the skills and experience to make a tangible difference for your property.

Residential pest control plans from Falls Pest Services make it easy, simple, and headache-free to schedule treatments and inspections. Below are just a few of the reasons why homeowners choose our company to keep their families safe: 

  • Free quotes for every service completed
  • Completely family owned and operated (our clients are like family)
  • 100% warranties for all services rendered
  • Contract-free program
  • Award-winning pest program for South Idaho 

Submit an online contact form to learn more about our residential pest control program. One of our experts will be in touch with you shortly. 


The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Mud Lake, Idaho

up close image of a bed bug on bedding

From secondhand appliances to public transportation centers, it's easy to pick up or bring home an accidental bedbug infestation. These pests are experiencing a renaissance, with numbers skyrocketing in cities large and small. Truthfully, these insects can affect residential, commercial, and personal lives in a major way. 

Interestingly, many homeowners in the area believe that they can use do-it-yourself (DIY) controls or home remedies to kill bed bugs before they become serious. However, most serious infestations require professional bed bug controls to eliminate. Here's why: 

  • Female bed bugs can lay up to 300 eggs in their lifetimes, exponentially raising the number of pests in your home.
  • Bed bugs are resistant to many forms of chemicals, including certain over-the-counter sprays.
  • Bed bugs cause significant health concerns, including anemia, insomnia, and certain secondary infections. If you are not able or willing to address these pests immediately, you could have a serious problem on your hand. 

The most effective way to kill bed bugs in Mud Lake is to call the pros at Falls Pest Services. Schedule an initial appointment with us now, or set up a time that works best for you.

Can Essential Oils Keep Mosquitoes From My Mud Lake Property?

a mosquito that landed on human skin

Biting pests like mosquitoes give Mud Lake property owners a lot of grief. Not only do they cause itchy bites and disturbed outdoor activities, but they can significantly impact your health as well. Mosquitoes leave behind many forms of disease and create problematic environments for property owners.

Some Mud Lake property owners believe that mosquitoes can be eliminated with essential oils. While some strong scents help to keep mosquitoes away, they are not a foolproof method of protection. That is why it is important to rely on professional mosquito abatements, particularly from seasoned companies like Falls Pest Services. Here's how our team treats pests in your home: 

  • Backpack foggers are used in mosquito hot spots
  • We return to your property every 30 days
  • One time and seasonal treatments are offered (April through September) 

Get mosquito relief in Mud Lake fast with Falls Pest Services. Call now for a free estimate. 

Commercial Pest Control In Mud Lake, ID

Managing your Mud Lake business is a full-time job. So is controlling pest activity. Take an additional task off your ‘to-do' list by investing in a team that cares. Falls Pest Control is an award-winning provider of business pest management in Mud Lake and beyond. There’s no pest we can’t address and no concern we can't overcome for valued clients.

Falls Pest Control understands that commercial pests are cyclical and may return to your property if not properly addressed. That’s why our team provides year-round pest plans that are catered to your unique needs. 

We currently serve Mud Lake businesses within the following industries:

  • Property Management and HOAs
  • Restaurants and Food Service
  • Public Transportation
  • Healthcare Offices and Rehabilitation Centers
  • Retirement Homes
  • Banking Facilities
  • Overnight Lodgings 

Do more with your commercial pest control. Falls Pest Control is standing by to take your call, email, or contact form at any time.


Common Ant Species That Will Invade Your Mud Lake Home And How You Can Keep Them Away

There are many species of ants that will try to invade your Mud Lake home and property throughout the year. Some of these include:

  • Carpenter ant: One of the most harmful types is the carpenter ant, which burrows inside of wood, resulting in structural instability.
  • Odorous house ant: The odorous house ant is also very common because they are in search of sweet foods or meat inside kitchens.
  • Pavement ant: The pavement ant is common in the area and creates its colony on driveways and sidewalks.
  • Red fire ant: Red fire ants are also a big problem because they will attack people as a group if their mound is disrupted, which can lead to serious allergic reactions.

The first best line of defense to keep your home from ant invasions is to seal up any cracks and gaps that you find in your foundation and around doors and windows. Use materials like silicone-based caulk, weatherstripping, and door sweeps. Next, be mindful of the way that you store food, always opting for an airtight container. If things spill or produce crumbs, clean them thoroughly and take out the trash on a routine basis. It’s equally as important to rectify any leaks and make sure that you always shut off faucets and showers entirely. For more information on total ant control, contact Falls Pest Services today.


When Is It Time To Call A Professional For Cockroaches In My Mud Lake Home?

Cockroaches can sneak inside your Mud Lake home in ways that you wouldn’t even notice. Whether it’s through the sewer system, packages that sit on your front steps, infested baking items, or simply by jumping between shared walls, cockroaches are masters of gaining access to your home. They also pose a serious health risk because of the pathogens that they spread that can lead to streptococcus infections, dysentery, and diarrhea.

This is why it’s never too early to call the professionals for assistance in either preventing or eliminating a cockroach problem. At Falls Pest Services, we provide cockroach-specific services because we know that these pests require dedicated attention and treatment. We always begin with an in-depth assessment of your home to determine how cockroaches could become an issue or the extent of a pre-existing infestation. From there, we’ll use a liquid treatment for areas like baseboards, cabinets, and more. If you have a cockroach problem, we’ll apply this treatment every two weeks until they’re gone. We also warranty these services to further ensure your peace of mind. To learn more about our cockroach control services in Mud Lake, please call us today. 


Easy And Effective Spider Control Guide For Mud Lake Homeowners

Spiders are attracted to Mud Lake properties due to conducive conditions and the presence of smaller pests that they eat. In order to prevent issues like this from erupting, try the following tips:

  • Store firewood at least 20 feet away from the home.
  • Check for leaky pipes and downspouts on a regular basis and fix any issues that arise.
  • Keep the yard clear from debris like leaf piles, hedge clippings, and standing water.
  • Affix weatherstripping to doors that have gaps and insert door sweeps where needed.
  • Reduce areas of clutter inside of the home by getting rid of boxes, stacks of paper, and other unnecessary piles.
  • Clean up spills as soon as they happen and always make sure to disinfect surfaces thoroughly.
  • Seek assistance from a trusted pest control company.

At Falls Pest Services, we provide comprehensive spider removal and prevention services because we understand how easily issues like these develop. We provide a wide range of coverage for both the inside and outside of homes and with ongoing service throughout the year, spiders and the pests they eat never have to be an issue. For more information on handling a spider problem with care, please call us today. 


Everything Mud Lake Homeowners Need To Know About Rodent Infestations

Rodent infestations can be one of the biggest challenges that Mud Lake homeowners may face because of how easily they begin. Something as simple as leaving the garage door open can invite rodents inside the home, but they are also capable of gaining access through dime-sized openings, rooflines, overhanging landscaping, crevices in foundations, sewer systems, and infested packages. This fact makes preventing infestations a difficult task.

Rodents are lured inside by the promise of ample food and water as well as ideal conditions, which include seclusion, darkness, and a good place to nest. This sometimes means that rodents will nest inside closets, walls, and crawl spaces. They can easily ruin insulation in the process and leave homes vulnerable to future issues. Rodents are also very likely to bring other pests with them like fleas, ticks, and mites, which means that secondary infestations are a common problem. Rodents are also capable of causing severe property damage given their constant need to chew. But rodents can also be a big issue because of how rapidly they reproduce. Mice are capable of having a litter of pups every six to eight weeks and can yield up to 120 pups a year, while rats can have half of that number. This makes rodent infestations very hard to rein in.

For more information on rodent control services in Mud Lake, contact Falls Pest Services today.

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