What To Do About Rodents In My Pocatello, ID Restaurant

September 22, 2021

A Pocatello restaurant owner faces many challenges. While you may be ready to face most of those obstacles, are you prepared for rodents? It's an often overlooked issue and can result in extreme consequences for your business. Find out what you should do about rodents and learn how to protect your restaurant.

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Rodents And Restaurants

For centuries, rodents have been relying on humans for food. And while mice and rats end up looking for food in some Pocatello homes, they're even more likely to go into restaurants. With full garbage cans, crumbs on floors, and loaded pantries, restaurants have plenty of food for rodents.

Unfortunately, your restaurant probably has plenty of hiding spots for mice and rats. They could be in your walls, basement, or anywhere else in your establishment. Even if you don't see the rodents during the day, they could be coming out in the evening.

There are several types of rodents in the area, but they all cause the same issues. All rodents can make your employees and your guests very sick. As they crawl across your counters and leave droppings in your stored food, rodents pose a health hazard.

How Rodents Can Ruin Your Restaurant

If your Pocatello restaurant has even one rodent sighting, your business could be ruined. Today, word spreads quicker than it ever did. One social media post about the health department or a rodent sighting is enough to destroy your reputation.

Once rodents get in, you need to shut down your business until they're gone. Think about all the money you lose when you close for a day. Then, imagine how much of a financial hit you would take if you needed to close for two weeks. A rodent infestation can cost you thousands of dollars. Long after you get rid of the Pocatello pests, your reputation could suffer.

Because of the health and financial hazards of a rodent infestation, you should work hard to deter them from ever entering your home. Just as you take measures to keep burglars away, you need to try to keep rats and mice away.

How To Keep Mice And Rats Out Of Your Restaurant

Before you take steps to keep rodents out, you need to know how they could get into your restaurant. If you have cracks or holes in your walls, rodents may be waltzing into your restaurant with ease. They can chew through small openings and then have easy access to your business. Therefore, one effective way to prevent rodents is to seal up cracks and crevices.

Open windows and doors also allow rodents inside. Although it may be convenient for your employees to keep particular doors open, make sure they close them. Otherwise, rodents don't need to try very hard to get indoors. You should also clean up food messes right away to make your restaurant less appealing to rodents.

Proper food and trash storage will also help you fight off these invaders. Make sure your outdoor dumpster always has a lid on it, and teach your employees how to dispose of the trash. Inside your establishment, make sure your trash cans have lids that remain closed. At the end of the night, someone should empty all the indoor cans into the dumpster.

Work With The Pros

When you work with a professional pest control company, you don't need to worry about rodents in your Pocatello restaurant. Here at Falls Pest Services, we have the experience and tools needed to protect your business from rodents. We provide ongoing rodent control services to get you the best results. Call us today to learn more.

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