What’s Attracting Spiders To My Idaho Falls Home?

March 15, 2023

Spiders may seem like scary pests, especially to those with arachnophobia. However, most spiders aren’t as frightening as they look. While most common house spiders aren’t dangerous to people, a spider infestation is often a sign of an underlying pest problem on your property. Spiders prey on other bugs, so if you see them around, it likely means that you are harboring other pest populations and don’t realize it. That’s why it’s important to get started with comprehensive pest control in Idaho Falls with the help of Falls Pest Services. We can protect your home against spiders and other pesky bugs!

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Why Spiders Become A Problem Around Idaho Falls In The Spring

Spiders in Idaho Falls are one of the few year-round pests. They can survive freezing temperatures and even go without food for long periods. As such, spiders can remain active all year long, even in the fall, regardless of how much prey is around for them to hunt. However, all types of spiders will be more active in the spring because many other insects are most active during this time of the year.

Like many other plants and animals, spring is the reproductive season for most insects, making this the time when spider infestations inside Idaho homes are the most common. This is why year-round pest control can be so beneficial—because you’ll never have to worry about the time of year when pest activity spikes. If you don’t currently have a home pest control plan in place, you should seriously consider it as we approach the peak spring months. At Falls Pest Services, we offer one-time and ongoing treatments to help you stay pest-free during this most vulnerable time of the year.

Common Mistakes Idaho Falls Residents Make To Attract Spiders

Since having spiders in your house indicates larger pest populations, the biggest mistake most homeowners make is complacency. Allowing pest problems to grow unchecked and unnoticed is a magnet for other pests to invade, including spiders. If you’re only responding to pest problems once you notice critters crawling around your property, then you’re not taking the proper preventative steps to avoid these issues in the first place. Unfortunately, this is most homeowners’ approach. Many people only take action once a pest population has become a problem and then try to solve it with an essential oil or two and a store-bought spray. However, these solutions are just a temporary band-aid for a larger problem, which is why scents that repel spiders and other pests are just a cover-up rather than an answer.

Five Tips To Minimize Spiders Around Your Home

To avoid spider infestations, you need to take early action to address the factors that allow them and the prey they hunt to get into your house. Here are a few steps you can take to minimize your risk:

  1. Food Storage: Spiders don’t survive on crumbs or stored foods as other pests do. But these food sources will attract other pests that will attract spiders. You should keep your food in secure packaging and locations to limit attraction from pests.
  2. Access Points: You should also regularly check your home’s exterior for access points that pests can utilize. These include cracks or holes in walls, gaps below your doors, or torn window screens.
  3. Landscaping: While we’re focusing on your home’s exterior, it’s worth noting that keeping your yard trimmed and tidy will also reduce pest activity. Tall grasses help protect bugs from predators like birds, and overgrown shrubs or trees that encroach near windows can provide easy highways for pests to get close to your house.
  4. Inspections: Having a trained professional check your property for signs of pests and the factors that attract them is the best way to make sure you’re truly addressing all the ways pest infestations can start.
  5. Treatments: Treating your property with pest-repelling solutions is better than simply checking the premises. Professional pest treatments are the best way to get rid of spiders and prevent them from becoming a problem in the first place.

For the best results, we recommend you start these steps now, not just when you notice spiders crawling around.

Why Professional Spider Control In Idaho Falls Is Worth It

Hopefully, we’ve demonstrated why half-measures don’t cut it when it comes to spider control. To keep spiders and other pests off your Idaho Falls property, contact us at Falls Pest Services today to get a free quote and get started with a comprehensive home pest control plan for your home.

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