The Trick To Keeping Earwigs Away From Your Idaho Falls Home

May 15, 2022

Many pests can unsettle and distress you. For example, spiders are one of the most feared pests, as some can be dangerous. But, other pests in the area can also send a shiver up your spine just by their strange appearance. One of these pests is the earwig.

Earwigs in Idaho Falls are somewhat notorious for their odd appearance as they have a pair of pincer-like appendages on the bottom of their bodies, long antennae, and narrow, slinky bodies. There are also many tall tales surrounding these pests. Find out the truth about earwigs and how to get Idaho Falls pest control to keep them away from your home.

earwig in a bowl of grapes

Do Earwigs Harm Humans?

The first question many people have about these pests is, “do earwigs bite?” It’s easy to see why people would be afraid of a bite from these pests as they have a rather formidable appearance with those noticeable pincers.

However, the truth is that earwigs are relatively harmless to people. They usually avoid people, and they rarely bite. But, even if they do bite you, there’s nothing to worry about. Despite looking odd, earwigs in Boise are considered nuisance pests. But, just because they are harmless doesn't mean you want to see them crawling around your home.

If you do have earwigs, you can remove them quickly through professional pest control plans from Falls Pest Services. 

Is There Anything Good About Having Earwigs In Your Home?

Many people don’t realize that earwigs are a rather important pest as far as the ecosystem is concerned. They act as janitors that clean up dead and decaying organic matter such as plants and other insects. Earwigs can keep gardens and other outdoor areas clean. So, while you might not see earwigs around your home, these pests do play a role in the environment, and they do have some benefits. 

Five Myths About Earwigs 

While we’ve already addressed several misconceptions about these Boise pests, it’s worth discussing the myths surrounding earwigs. These pests are associated with many untruthful old wive’s tales, so these are the facts you need to know:

  1. Earwigs Can’t Bite: Earwigs do technically have the ability to bite. However, they usually only do so if you try to hold them, and the bites rarely break the skin.
  2. Earwigs Are Venomous To People: Earwigs don’t have venom, so they can’t harm people through the injection of toxins.
  3. Earwigs Crawl Into Your Ears: Probably the most notorious of all earwig myths is that they crawl into your ears. However, earwigs don’t ever try to do this. There is always a small chance that any tiny insect could get into your ear, but this is very unlikely to happen.
  4. Earwigs Lay Their Eggs In Human Brains: This is also false. Earwigs don’t lay their eggs inside of human bodies.
  5. Earwigs Are Aggressive: Earwigs are somewhat reclusive pests usually only seen at night.

While you now know that earwigs are rather harmless pests, you still probably don’t want to see them around. Any insect in your home can be gross, so give Falls Pest Service a call today for more information on Idaho Falls earwig control.

How To Keep Earwigs Away From Your Idaho Falls Home

There are a few steps you can take on your own to deter earwigs, such as cleaning up your garden and yard and sealing up holes in the walls to keep earwigs out. The best earwig prevention in Idaho Falls comes from our professionals at Falls Pest Services. Learn more about our residential pest control plans by giving us a call today.

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