Pocatello’s Complete Cockroach Prevention Guide

January 19, 2022

If you’re spending time in your kitchen or around your home and see a cockroach scurrying around, you’ll probably feel rather freaked out and worried about how to remove them. There are actually good reasons to be concerned if you have cockroaches around as they are dangerous pests. Cockroaches are invasive pests and pose many health risks to Pocatello residents, so it’s important to know how to identify signs of cockroaches in your home and how to prevent them.

Most people are aware that cockroaches are unsanitary, but they don’t always realize that cockroaches can spread over 35 different illnesses including salmonella, gastroenteritis, typhoid fever, and dysentery. They can also cause allergic reactions and asthma attacks, so having cockroaches around your property is not safe for you or others around you.

a german cockroach crawling on the floor of a home

Because cockroaches are so dangerous, it’s important to understand cockroach control and take steps to prevent cockroaches from entering your home. Here is what you should do.

What Do Cockroaches Look Like?

The first step to cockroach prevention is knowing what these pests actually look like and being able to tell them apart from other pests. Roaches have six legs, and they are oval in shape. They have wings that lay on their backs, but they rarely fly. Some cockroaches are light brown and less than an inch long, while others are reddish-brown and can get up to three inches long.

Preventing Cockroaches: Where To Start

Overall, the best way to keep cockroaches out of your home or business is to remove the factors that attract them in the first place. Mainly, it’s vital to keep your home clean and to address other underlying elements that appeal to roaches.

Here are some specific measures you can follow:

  • Declutter as much as possible, including inside of the building and around the property.
  • Use dehumidifiers and check that there is good ventilation throughout the home. You can also repair any leaky faucets or pipes.
  • Store pet food in sealed containers and wipe up food and drink spills immediately. Keep in mind that roaches can survive off of even small crumbs.
  • Get lids to cover all trash cans and clean up any trash or organic debris from around the yard.

How To Seal Cockroaches Out Of The House

After you’ve addressed the underlying issues that could be bringing cockroaches around your property, there are some steps you can take to make it more difficult for cockroaches to come inside. 

The following measures can help you limit entry points into the building:

  • Use a caulking gun or foam insulation to seal up cracks or crevices around the exterior of the home and the foundation.
  • Check screens in doors and windows and repair or replace any that are torn.
  • Install or replace worn-down weather stripping and door sweeps.
  • Keep drains cleaned on a regular basis.

The Final & Best Cockroach Prevention Step

After you’ve done all you can do to prevent cockroaches on your own, the best preventive measure is to contact the Pocatello pest experts at Falls Pest Services. Our team of technicians can provide ongoing commercial pest control or residential pest control services that address roaches and other dangerous pests. We can also eliminate any current cockroach issues in your home to keep you and others safe.

To get started, just give us a call to find out more or to schedule your inspection.

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