Pest Spotlight: Handling Bed Bug Infestations In Idaho Falls

November 15, 2022

Nobody wants bugs in their bed. Bed bugs are small, parasitic insects that like to hide in homes. And if you see one, you can be sure there are more. So what do you do? You can try to tackle the problem on your own, but when it comes to infestation, your best bet is to call a professional. Falls Pest Services is here to help. If you need pest control in Idaho Falls, call Falls Pest Services today.

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Is It Cost-Effective Or Money-Wasting? Discussing Bed Bug Control

So you’ve seen signs of bed bugs in your home, and you want to get rid of the infestation. The problem is, bed bugs are some of the hardest pests to eliminate, even for professionals. They’re small, sturdy, and excellent hiders. While there are store-bought treatments available, they are, at best, ineffective against an infestation and, in many cases, can push bed bugs further into hiding, allowing the bed bug population to grow. There are, however, a few things you can do around your home to control and prevent bed bug infestations:

  • Seal cracks and gaps in your home. Bed bugs are small and flat, which means they can slip through thin crevices in your walls. Using caulk to seal these limits a bed bug’s potential hiding places.
  • Wash and dry all bedding and clothing around infested areas on the highest heat setting possible to kill all potential eggs and bed bugs hiding in bedding. Don't move infested furniture until after a heat treatment is completed and confirmed that no more bed bugs reside in infested furniture.
  • Purchase protective covers for mattresses and box springs. Mattress covers that seal around the bed will cut off the bed bugs’ oxygen supply, killing them. Make sure the cover you buy is one that creates that seal; otherwise, it won’t work.

When it comes to treating infestations beyond these steps, it’s better to call in a professional. You might have heard about rubbing alcohol, kerosene, and other substances being used to control bed bug infestations, but these don’t actually work. And what’s worse is that they can cause serious harm to your family and damage to your home. While there are bed bug traps, they won’t be enough to control an infestation on their own. And although heat and cold can be used to kill bed bugs, putting your bedding in the dryer won’t stop an infestation by itself.

To eliminate these pests for good, you need to call a professional company like Falls Pest Service that has the proper equipment and training for bed bug control services that really work.

Are Bed Bug Pesticides Safe To Use In My Home?

There are pesticides meant for bed bugs that are EPA-approved, and those can be safe to use in the home as long as you follow the instructions. Some stores sell bug bombs (AKA foggers) that list bed bugs on their labels, but these require extreme caution and should not be used by homeowners. Improper use of bug bombs can be dangerous for your health, and they can cause fires. These also won’t reach all the crevices where bed bugs hide.

A lot of bed bugs have developed a resistance to common pesticides. This means that products you’re able to find and use might not be effective. This also means that using pesticides frequently lowers the effectiveness since any bugs that survive may become immune.

Where In The Home Bed Bugs Can Thrive

Bed bugs got their name for a reason. They’re commonly found in beds, particularly in the seams of mattresses. They feed on blood, so they’ll live somewhere they can easily access humans to bite. This includes upholstered furniture like couches and chairs, too. Bed bugs commonly find their way into homes by hitching a ride on luggage and jackets, so be sure to thoroughly inspect the things you bring into your home. Bed bugs prefer dark places, so they also might be living in any cracks or gaps they find in your house, as well as behind baseboards and in electrical outlets.

Bed Bug Removal Services Made Simple

Bed bugs are hard to eradicate, but Falls Pest Services has the answer to all your bed bug problems. We create a custom bed bug treatment plan for each client so that you always know your problem is being solved the right way. After we perform an inspection, we’ll work out the best way to get bed bugs out of your home. And if they come back, so will we. Our Idaho Falls pest control services are bug-tested and mom-approved, so they're perfectly safe for your family. Call today for a bed bug-free tomorrow.

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