How Mice Get Into Idaho Falls Homes

January 25, 2021

Home invasion has always been a skill that comes easy for mice. As far back as history can see, these pests have always invaded properties and prefer living indoors rather than out in the wild. Why? Because our homes make life easy. They provides mice with shelter from exterior weather conditions, a near-endless food source, and enough water to survive indefinitely. The question is, how do mice get into homes here in Idaho Falls?

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Here is everything you need to know, along with a few simple tricks to keep these pests at bay.

What Are House Mice?

Idaho Falls is home to a variety of rodent species. Some invade homes. Others prefer to live out in nature and rarely come onto properties. If there were a poster child for a home-invading rodent, it would be the house mouse. This invasive pest is known around the globe as the most common home-invading rodent and claims this title every day here in Idaho Falls.

A house mouse has a dusty gray coat, cream-colored belly, round, two and a half to a three and three-quarter inch long body, and long thinly haired tail. Able to squeeze through holes the size of a nickel and climb up vertical surfaces with minimal grip, this pest is built to invade homes. The question is, will your home provide the openings that allow house mice a way inside.

Why & How House Mice Invade Homes

House mice do not look at a house and think to themselves, “Wouldn’t it be nice to live beyond those walls?” Instead, they are drawn in by attractants, let inside by entry points, and come in to find out the luxuries that lie beyond your closed doors.

To help you better understand these pests, here are a few things that encourage them to invade:

  • A warm or cool current of air, depending on the current climate outdoors, leaking from a crack or gap in your home’s exterior
  • Fruit, berries, or nuts that drop into yards
  • Scraps of food and open beverage containers left out after outdoor gatherings
  • Clutter and debris in and around a home
  • Wood piles, stacks of lumber, and other materials around a property
  • Cracks, gaps, or openings larger than a nickel in the exterior of a building
  • Open windows or doors
  • Food left out on countertops
  • Unsealed trash cans
  • Easily accessible pantries
  • Water buildup
  • Leaky pipes
  • Broken or clogged gutters

Some Strategies To Prevent Mice

Two strategies are needed to deter mice – limiting their access to food and water and sealing your home’s exterior so that they cannot find their way inside.

To do these things effectively, try these eight prevention tips:

  • Seal openings your home’s exterior foundation with caulk and clumps of steel wool.
  • Install door sweeps under exterior doors.
  • Keep unscreened windows and doors closed as much as possible.
  • Reduce clutter and eliminate debris in and around your home.
  • Keep your home clean.
  • Store food in areas and containers where mice cannot get to them.
  • Make sure your trash cans have tight-fitting lids.
  • Address moisture issues in and around your home.

What To Do When Mice Get Inside

Mice are a whole lot easier to prevent than they are to remove from a home. If these invasive rodents are causing trouble inside your Idaho Falls home, do not hesitate to call the rodent control experts at Falls Pest Services. We know what traps and treatments work best for rodents and how to effectively remove these pests from properties. Because we are family-run and committed to helping our neighbors around Idaho Falls, you can be sure we will always have your best interest in mind.

Reach out to us today for any questions or concerns you have that are holding you back from a pest-free life. Learn more about our home pest control and commercial pest control solutions.

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